Authpaper Delivery- A Stretch Out to Blockchain based Secure Data Delivery

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2019 / “Our digital future is about enabling better productivity and decision making to enjoy a better quality of life,” said Yacine Baroudi. And so it is, the emergence of new technologies has raised the bar of comfort for everyday users. These technologies ought to offer all the more secure and transparent environment to the users through new technological advancements. The rising idea of decentralization is attracting various disciplines through its disruptive dynamics. May it be a mere healthcare center or a government-run institutional body, blockchain technology has its roots everywhere.

In vogue, the only feasible option to exchange a confidential document sized 1.5 TB between two cross border institutional bodies is to store data in a hard disk and send it to the other side via courier service. Surprising isn’t it? But this is the only accessible medium to support such high-quality data transfers. In this tech-savvy world, commercial and crucial data transfers are still performed through age-old method of physical mailing which takes a whole lot of time to process. This is because digital data platforms are subject to the risk of data leaking and subsequent data forgery. Due to these fraudulent data practices, there has been a direct loss of billions USD every year. To pace with the current digital delivery platforms, you are required to compromise with privacy and rely on a centralized system. The established online storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox are even more subject to data breaches referring to the one that happened in 2014 to iCloud.

To cater the huge business of mailing which accounts to millions of commercial data deliveries in a day in Hong Kong, Solon, the CEO of Authpaper came up with a secure digital platform that makes this process of data transfers, a process to unquestionably rely on. Authpaper delivery is a one-stop platform to deliver encrypted data through an unforgettable delivery pattern. Authpaper has a holistic vision of catalyzing digital delivery system and beat down the delayed and expensive system of physical courier services. The Hong Kong-based startup is a peer-to-peer platform working on electronic data stamping solution.

“Authpaper Delivery can send data much faster than any other solutions, and have the same delivery guarantee and unforgeable delivery record on blockchain” - Solon, CEO of Authpaper Limited

Offering an edge over other electronic mediums of data delivery such as mails and messengers by end-to-end data encryption, Authpaper delivery is believed to have exposed digital data delivery mechanism to an outstanding amplitude. Having ensured privacy, the platform is an augmented merger of blockchain, BitTorrent, cryptography and other emerging technologies. The delivered data is confidential let alone a group of specified recipients. Data breaches at any level could be easily traced down. Activities on the data are carefully tracked and recorded among the peers so that the delivery histories are public testable yet unforgeable. Encrypted pieces of digital data act as a reward to the peers while maintaining goodwill to the platform. To reward the contributions and raise support, the platform is all set to create an ERC-20 based coin, Authpaper Coin (AUPC) and distribute among the investors and partners. As the platform requires a customized blockchain, the coin cannot be used directly on it. Once the platform is ready, users will be provided an offer to exchange the coins with Authpaper stamp, the currency in the platform, at a certain rate.Token holders can also spend their AUPC for Authpaper online services.

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