Influencer Zhong Redefines The Art Of Social Media Entertaining

Popular social media influencer Zhongni Zhu, who rose to fame with his fun and widely appreciated content on various social media platforms is changing the art of entertaining with his new and creative content strategies. Zhongni Zhu, who’s known among his fans as Zhong has over twenty million followers across the popular social networks.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2020 / The last decade has witnessed social media platforms gaining power as the global entertainment centre, dethroning movies and any other form of entertainment. The extraordinary rise of social media entertainment paved the path for hundreds of young and brilliant minds from around the world to create new ways to entertain people. In this digital era, with his brilliantly created content, Zhonghi Zhu is redefining the way people are entertained through his content on major social platforms.


There are several YouTube creators and instagram influencers who surpassed hollywood celebrities in terms of popularity and Zhong isn’t any behind. He has over twenty million fans and followers on instagram and youtube and the number of viewers and followers is increasing rapidly because of the great content frequently brought to the platforms by Zhong.

For brands regardless of the industry or market they are in, digital media platforms have become as a natural market for advertising and Zhong has plans to start offering brands a helping hand to increase their reach and exposure to his millions of followers. Being a young and highly passionate entrepreneur, Zhong posts funny, comedic videos that are original and created by himself with the help of his friends. His instagram page @Zhong has over 1.6M followers and the @EpicFunnyPage he created years ago has now become one of the largest ‘meme’ community on Instagram if not the and continues to grow along with his other social platforms.

Zhong started his social media influencing journey in 2013 with as little as 20k followers to become one of the highly influencing social media entertainers. Zhong has helped several other young and talented entrepreneurs build and run their channels on social media and has grown multiple pages and worked with hundreds of other people in the community.

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